The top five game of zones videos ranked

Ranking of the Game of Zones Episodes

If you’re an NBA fan, you probably love the Game of Zones episodes that come on Bleacher Report during the NBA playoffs. I decided it would be a good idea to rank them based on three criteria: overall humor, best quote in the episode, and truthability.

(I made up the word truthability so accept it!)

I hope as you read that you feel free to comment and rank your own episodes.

Honorable Mention: The Oak and the Seventh Seed

I’m not going to do a full evaluation on this one. I’ll just say that when I first saw it, I died laughing at Joakim Noah at the make-shift free-throw line.

The whole James Dolan-Charles Oakley thing was really weird, and it was awesome that they made a video of it.

The Pacers segment is also pretty funny. The best part is when a single tear runs down the cheek of Monta Ellis.

The funny-meter on this one is actually pretty high, I just didn’t think it was good as the other five.

Without further adieu, here are the top five episodes of Game of Zones!

Season 5 Ep. 3 “The Writing on the Wall”

Overall Humor: 90%
Let’s just be honest here, the way Jason Kidd is depicted is really funny. Especially with his ineptitude and ignorant attitude. Also what in the world is happening with Matthew Dellavedova?

Best Quote:
Jason Terry – “These must have been the white men of the forest, I’ve only heard about them in stories, They were the first to play this game”

Delly – “Looks normal to me”

That is in fact because Delly plays like one of them.

NBA Truthability: 85%
Well, Kidd was, in fact, an awful coach. Something we are seeing rectified with the current Bucks roster is floor spacing. Something Kidd didn’t really utilize. The writers also gain points for saying that the first hoopers were dentists.

Lose some points because as much as you might love Jason Terry, I don’t think he’s been this influential on anyone’s career. Also Delly was only a scrapper for the Cavs. Thems the facts. Honestly, these Game of Zones episodes are easy to rank.

Season 4 Ep. 1 “KD’s Summer Odyssey”

Humor Level: 87%
Is this episode funny…yes…Do I like it because I’m a Cavs fan…NO! Anyways, the spat between Wall and Beal is comical and the “Soul Box” also demands for a good laugh. Not to mention the humor in the Philly proposal. Also Brody eating a cupcake, well played screenwriters, well played.

Best Quote:
Kawhi – “Indubitably, hahaha”

Truthability: 98%
I think every single proposal went about how they portray it in the video. Except for one thing. We know that Durant didn’t say goodbye to his teammates. This is a fact. Everyone knows this.

Season 4 Ep. 6 “Trust the Process”

Humor Level: 80%
I don’t find this episode as funny as I find it inspiring. Legitimately, Hinkie trusted the process until it got him fired. In 2019, it looks as though the process is coming to fruition with Elton Brand leading the charge.

There are some funny moments though. Hinkie’s single tear at the end of the clip had me rolling.

Best Quote:
Hinkie – “Make sure to hold on to Robert Covington!” (They did, it worked out!)

Truthability: 93%
I’m taking away 7% because Joel Embiid doesn’t speak the entire time. Does anybody believe that Joel Embiid could go three minutes without saying anything? I’m not buying it, but the rest of the clip is spot on accurate.

Season 4 Ep. 4 “Trade Winds”

Humor Level: 98%
Can we talk about Kyle Lowry’s trade tactics haha? I love it how he decides not to trade two players because they are his “friends.” Kyle would make a terrible GM. Also, they want to “compete with the Cavs” but Serge says he “can stop anyone, except LeBron.” That’s not really super helpful.

Also horse > Mario Hezonja is probably true. To put that in modern terms that’s like trading Hezonja for a new Lambo. If I’m Lowry, I’m taking the Lambo too!

Also, Bojan talking about going to the Wizards with their wins. Hindsight is really funny if you think about this compared to this season. Anyways.

Best Quote:
Kyle Lowry – “Well what does he do” (This is something we’ve been asking ourselves about Hezonja since he entered the league!)

Truthability: 90%
The writers are losing points right here because of Brook Lopez being disappointed about playing for the Nets. They were paying him SO much money and he wasn’t that good. He loved being the man. Now he’s great for Milwaukee, but for many years he just looked like an average role-player.

And we all know Lowry woulda traded Norm in a heartbeat lol.

Season 4 Ep. 7 “Feast of the East”

Humor Level: 95%
When you start to think about it, it gets really funny. Pundits picked someone over LeBron in the East every single year. But it never came to fruition. In fact, Derrick Rose isn’t even on the list, and plenty of news media had him picked over the Cavs in 2015. Also Kevin Love’s face at the end of the video is…well…what I expect Love looks like when he hits a game-winner. A face I have yet to see…

Best Quote:
LeBron – “Are we doing this again”

Truthability: 96%
Where are we cutting points?
– Again Kevin Love has NEVER closed the door on another team lol
– No way Dwayne Casey was made about the trade…
– This was 2016, Giannis wasn’t stealing anything


I hope you enjoyed my breakdown of the top 5 Game of Zones videos. They gave me a laugh as I watched and wrote, and I would love to hear your opinions too! Send us your Game of Zones rankings on our social media accounts!

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