Boston Celtics
Celtics beat the Warriors behind Gordon Hayward's big night.

Celtics Beat the Warriors: Show us Potential

Normal Night til Celtics Beat the Warriors Everything was going according to plan last night until I watched Boston beat the Warriors in Golden State. The Celtics were up by ten just a minute into the game and didn’t look back, winning the contest 128-95. Yesterday, I got on a sports talk show and bashed...
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The East is Back: So Who’s The Best Team?

Just last month I wrote an opinion piece on why I thought the Celtics were the best team in the East. But after the trade deadline, I’m seriously reconsidering. I did some research on the four top “star-studded” teams and here’s a breakdown of each one: The Boston Celtics Record: 37-21Games left against above-average teams:...
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