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Giannis has the same problem as the Miami Heat. They can't shoot.

2020 NBA Finals: The Problem with the Heat and Giannis

If you’ve watched any of the 2020 NBA Finals, you know the Heat are in trouble. But so are the Bucks and 76ers, they just don’t realize it yet. You might think that I’m talking about supporting cast. “Giannis doesn’t have any good teammates” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that in...
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NBA Trade Rumors featuring Chris Paul and other NBA teams.

Trade Rumors: Chris Paul, Stay or Go?

It’s January and NBA trade rumors are going crazy. We want to take a second and address one of the forgotten trades that was expected throughout the year. NBA Trade Rumors After the blockbuster trade that swapped Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook, the general assumption was that the Thunder would immediately trade Paul. Many months...
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NBA injury luck featuring the Golden State Warriors.

NBA Injury Luck: The Warriors Rise and Fall

NBA Injury Luck and Golden State You’ve probably heard all about how “lucky” the Warriors’ runs to the finals were. These ideas are spread by fans who hated the sheer dominance that was the 2015-2019 Warriors. But it does sound pretty convincing right? Here is a list of players that Golden State didn’t have to...
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Early nba surprises in the 2019-2020 nba season.

Early NBA Surprises: Top 5 of 2019-2020

EARLY NBA SURPRISES 2019-2020 Season Although we are only a few weeks into the regular season, this NBA year has already been full of surprises and shocking moments. Here are our top five early surprises in the 2019 NBA campaign. Kendrick Nunn Golden State’s worst decision in the last five years was probably not signing...
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biggest NBA draft busts of all time, recent nba draft busts as well

Top 10 Biggest NBA Draft Busts of All-Time

Biggest NBA Draft Busts The 10 biggest NBA draft busts of all-time might not be guys that come right to your mind. At NBA Overview we love to make predictions. But what about looking at the past? We don’t have many articles about former NBA players. So we decided to compile a complete list of...
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The weirdest NBA storylines of 2018-2019 are all right here!

NBA’s Weirdest Storylines: Crazy Tales From the League

Huh, That’s Weird: NBA’s Weirdest Storylines Remember when JR Smith tossed a bowl of soup on a Cavs assistant coach? Or when they discovered that KD had multiple burner accounts on social media? Those stories were crazy which led me to wonder? What crazy stories happened this year? Here are my top 4 weirdest NBA...
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Our NBA predictions are forecasting the NBA awards and upcoming storylines with this article.

Way Too Early NBA Predictions: 2019-2020 Season

NBA predictions are hard enough in the middle of the year, or even at the start of the playoffs. But I am going to try something absolutely ridiculous. I am going to predict the biggest storylines of the 2019-2020 NBA season right here right now. We will have them saved so that we can pull...
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Jarrett Allen blocks LeBron James at the rim in an NBA game.

Jarrett Allen: Insane Bounty Hunter

Jarrett Allen is Coming for the NBA: Here’s Why Answer this question for me: You ever heard of Jarrett Allen? Okay, I’m sure a majority of you have, but let me ask you this: Have you ever watched a Jarrett Allen highlight video? I sure haven’t. (I did for this video and I would say...
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Pacers fans love roasting NBA players. Here are their best moments as a fanbase.

Ten Times Pacers Fans Roasted the Opposition

Pacers fans have no chill. They are the mental warriors of the NBA. If you have spent any time following the NBA this season, you have probably heard of the Pacers chants that happen on a nightly basis. Most often the Pacer fanatics chant when the other player is at the free-throw line, but this...
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