Kristaps Porzingis to Dallas: Trade Grades

Adrian Wojnarowski dropped one of his famous “woj” bombs, when he tweeted that Kristaps Porzingis had requested to move on from New York early Thursday afternoon.

Soon after, the news broke loose and this tweet was posted:

It took even longer before we knew the full details of the trade. But after the dust settles here is how it looks:

Knicks receive:

  • Dennis Smith Jr.
  • Wesley Johnson
  • DeAndre Jordan
  • Two future First Round Draft Picks

Mavs receive:

  • Kristaps Porzingis
  • Trey Burke
  • Tim Hardaway Jr.
  • Courtney Lee

This deal was crazy. It looks as though the Mavs are looking to compete now by pairing the injured Porzingis with Luka and Harrison Barnes, a formidable line-up that could make a run through the early stages of the Western Conference playoffs.

It looked a little bleak for the Knicks until you stop and think about it. They still have their pick for this year which they hope will materialize into the number one selection.

They also cleared almost 70 million in cap space for this upcoming offseason. With a star-studded free-agency looming, it seems that New York is all-in on bringing new talent to Madison Square Garden.

Trade Grades:



It seems as though the Mavs gutted the Knicks roster and took whatever they wanted.

Forget about Porzingis, Hardaway Jr. has shown himself to be a very serviceable role-player, even if he is being over-payed.

Trey Burke has also had his moments this season. He has the potential to make waves in the future of the NBA.

The only reason the Mavs aren’t getting an A+ here is because of Porzingis’s health. They are taking a slight risk that the Latvian won’t make a full recovery from ACL surgery.

If he can recover, the lineup of Burke-Hardaway-Doncic-Barnes-Porzingis would cause serious problems offensively throughout the league.

It seems to be a safe bet by the Dallas management, and everything points to him signing again with the team.



You might not agree with this, and that’s fine. Just look at the whole picture.

Free-agency is clearly the Knicks play, and they just freed up 70m+ in cap room! If they have good info that KD is coming in the summer then this is an A+ move by the organization.

If they are risking it (which I think they are) it goes down to being a C. But the added draft picks and Dennis Smith Jr. are what make this move not terrible.

They still have their pick that might turn into Zion Williamson, and they also have two in-coming picks from Dallas. That’s a good stockpile of assets that can be traded or used to acquire new young talent.

Dennis Smith Jr. has also shown flashes of brilliance and could possibly be an answer to the long vacant New York point guard position.

If New York hits in free-agency, this trade is a key cog in the puzzle. If they whiff, well, I don’t know if their fans will ever forgive them.

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