KD’s Free Agency: Here’s Where Durant is Really Going

kd free agency

KD’s free agency is quickly approaching! Will the all-star small-forward end up in Washington? New York? Golden State?

Kevin Durant, I want to apologize in advance. Here is yet another “blog boy” post speculating where you will go in free agency this summer. Recently, KD lashed out on the media for asking questions about his impending free agency, telling reporters to “grow up.”

Kevin Durant has been in the league long enough to know how this works. Speculation and drama is a big part of the current NBA and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Some Disturbing Facts

Exhibit A is a video that surfaced of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving before the NBA All Star Game. I’m not a professional lip-reader but it appears Kyrie tells KD “2, two max slots, it’s time,” or something along those lines….see for yourself:

These rumors are in reference to the New York Knicks after they traded Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks, freeing up two max salary slots for this summer.

Kyrie Irving has been linked to the Knicks for a while now, in fact they were his top option before being traded to the Boston Celtics:

Obviously, this was nearly two years ago, so things could be different but the Knicks were his preferred trade destination before being dealt to the Celtics.

Kyrie will likely not go to New York without another star joining him…..you know who. Kevin Durant.

Welcome to New York!

KD’s free agency has been linked to the Knicks as well, in fact, a panel of ESPN NBA experts have predicted him to join the Knicks this summer….meanwhile, Kyrie Irving is predicted to stay in Boston while the Celtics acquire Anthony Davis:

I respectfully disagree with these predictions, specifically Kevin Durant’s. There is a zero percent chance KD joins the Knicks by himself without another superstar. Zero. The same goes for Kyrie Irving.

Here’s the Truth

My opinion is this: KD’s free agency will end with him resigning with the Golden State Warriors. He has been dropping hints for a while about his free agency decision.

In December, KD said his free agency would be about two things: Getting as much money as possible, and he envisions one day having his jersey retired and a statue outside of the Chase Center, the new Warriors arena in San Francisco that’ll open next season.

If those two things end up being the driving factors for his decision, that means he will stay in Golden State.

They can offer him the most money, and he will likely not get a statue outside of an arena/location he never actually played in. His rings were won in Oakland.

Assuming the Warriors win the 2019 NBA Finals, which is a pretty safe bet, KD will have 3 consecutive championships under his belt.

He also has the opportunity for three straight Finals MVP’s. The only players in history to win three straight Finals MVP’s? Shaq and Jordan.

If Durant comes back next season and the Warriors win a fourth straight championship, that can be a career-defining accomplishment for him.

Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, Magic, and so many other legends never won four consecutive rings. Chris Broussard made this case on First Things First:

This opportunity will be tough for Kevin Durant to pass up, it’s hard to walk away from a team potentially chasing a four-peat. LeBron James even admitted this after leaving Miami for Cleveland.

Had Miami won the 2014 NBA Finals, clinching a three-peat, he likely would have stayed.

But Wait There’s More!

Here is another reason why Kevin Durant doesn’t fit on the Knicks: He is an athlete that HATES being criticized and the center of attention.

In New York there isn’t any hiding from the media, and after every loss he will be under scrutiny. The Big Apple does not fit his personality.

We can speculate all we want about KD’s free agency, but I think one thing is for sure: Kevin Durant will still be a Golden State Warrior next season

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