Celtics beat the Warriors behind Gordon Hayward's big night.

Normal Night til Celtics Beat the Warriors

Everything was going according to plan last night until I watched Boston beat the Warriors in Golden State. The Celtics were up by ten just a minute into the game and didn’t look back, winning the contest 128-95.

Yesterday, I got on a sports talk show and bashed Jayson Tatum and Gordon Hayward for not being the players I thought they should be this season in Boston.

I don’t know if they watched the video or read my tweets, but both players came out firing.

It’s almost as if Gordon Hayward had read this:


Because he answered with this:

Now, much talk can be made about this just being your average run of the mill NBA regular season game in March, but I’m not buying that.

No. I think this game taught us two things about the Celtics and Warriors. Even if it was just your average mid-season game, there are lessons to be learned. Here are two of them:

Lessons from Boston

If Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum play like this, Boston will win the East. It was a great showing from all of the Celtics. Hayward, Brown, Tatum, and Kyrie all scored at least 15 points.

Al Horford need’s less of a role. Something that Boston might be figuring out. I’m not saying cut his minutes, but do not focus getting him 15 shots a game.

Last night, he took only three attempts. But his passing and defense were optimal. He is a key leader, he just isn’t that great of a scoring player anymore. His deferral to the younger guys is huge for the Celtics moving forward.

Encourage him to take open shots, but allow him to maximize the young guys. If they do those things, “Celtics beat Warriors” won’t be the most impressive headline we see this season from the Irish.

Lessons from Golden State

No wonder teams were hesitant to sign Boogie.

The dude cannot move laterally. The Celtics attacked him on possession after possession after possession, and he could do very little to stop them.

To make matters worse, Cousins was visibly frustrated for most of the game. He finished with 10 points on a measly 4-12 from the field.

The Warriors are cancerous. They have too many big name personalities like Draymond, Durant, and Boogie for Steph and Steve Kerr to manage.

If Golden State loses in the playoffs or the Finals it will be because they couldn’t figure out this thing called chemistry.

Their starting five is the most talented starting five in the history of history. If you look up “starting five” in the dictionary it reads:

“The five players on a basketball court that try to move the ball and score, modeled perfectly by the Golden State Warriors”

Boogie hates everyone, Draymond hates Durant, Durant hates being left out, and the bench is just a dumpster fire of randoms.

This team should not lose, but if they do, just remember, basketball is ALL about chemistry.

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